Vancouver Just Recovery Statement on the Climate Emergency Action Plan 

November 2, 2020

The Vancouver Just Recovery Coalition is joining the Sustainabiliteens and communities across Vancouver in calling upon Vancouver City Council to pass and urgently fund the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP). 


In 2019 Vancouver’s City Council declared a climate emergency. Now in 2020, it is time for Council to demonstrate this commitment. The CEAP has presented four Big Moves which will be critical to move our city towards a new normal founded on climate justice and progressive adaptation policies. The big moves, as presented, represent an exciting move towards a city which prioritizes walkable, rollable and vibrant local communities supported by progressive investments in active transportation and public transit. Neighbourhoods which are populated with carbon neutral buildings alongside a deprioritization of fossil fueled transportation and incentives for electric vehicles. 


The Vancouver Just Recovery Coalition is an informal, non-partisan coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations within the City of Vancouver supporting socially just strategies to recover and rebuild post COVID-19. We endorse the recommendations of CEAP and applaud city staff for proposing the bold and necessary investments required to build a new normal post-Covid19. It is exactly these types of investments which are required to rebuild our economy and protect those most vulnerable while combating the climate emergency.


The Coalition strongly believes that our city is safer and healthier when we support vulnerable communities and we strongly support the equity approach proposed within the CEAP. Centering the experiences of Vancouver’s vulnerable communities will be critical to building and investing in a new normal which adequately responds to the societal gaps in the status quo. No community should be left behind and the needs of the most vulnerable need to be prioritized if we are to move forward collectively. Recognizing this, the CEAP has proposed a forthcoming equity framework to ensure that the implementation of these recommendations is continuously informed by diverse voices and communities. The success of CEAP will be contingent on the effective implementation of this framework and the centering of Indigenous, Black and other racialized peoples, while also considering how intersections of class, gender identity and sexual orientation, ability, age, immigration status and others produce different experiences, vulnerabilities and unequal outcomes. 


Back in April, the Coalition collected more than 500 signatures and endorsements for Joint Statement for a Just Recovery calling on the city of Vancouver and the BC government to ensure that progressive investments, supported by the voices of Vancouver’s vulnerable communities, take precedence over reductive austerity budgets. The CEAP is an effective example of how to accomplish this. 


We are calling on all of Vancouver City Councillors to abandon divisive partisanship and immediately support and fund the recommendations of the CEAP. Tackling the Climate Emergency requires innovative, progressive and urgent actions that must be built on an equal commitment to equity and diversity. 

The Climate Emergency Action Plan is viewable here.

The Sustainabiliteens Climate Emergency Supporters Toolkit can be found here