PRESS RELEASE re. Vancouver Just Recovery Coalition Releases Joint Statement


May 06, 2020


Today, the Vancouver Just Recovery Coalition is releasing the attached joint-statement calling on the City of Vancouver to prioritize lessening existing inequalities, respecting Indigenous rights, and tackling the climate emergency in their COVID-19 recovery plans. 


The Vancouver Just Recovery Coalition is an informal, non-partisan coalition of individuals and organizations within the City of Vancouver supporting socially and environmentally just strategies to recover and rebuild post COVID-19. The Coalition strongly believes that we are all safer and healthier when we support vulnerable communities. We are better together.


“The Coalition is organizing across sectors to advocate for vulnerable communities in an effort to inform recovery and rebuilding strategies within the City of Vancouver. The COVID-19 crisis has  disproportionately impacted communities already vulnerable because of poverty, inequality, racism, colonialism and more. Their experiences, struggles, and expertise need to be recognized and prioritized in the recovery or rebuilding efforts,” stated Matthew Norris, Co-Chair of the Just Recovery Coalition. 


“As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and start strategizing and planning for life after COVID-19, we are presented with a significant opportunity to address the inequalities inherent to the status quo. To build a city that is welcoming and supportive for everyone,” stated Kimberley Wong, Co-Chair of the Just Recovery Coalition.


Threats to the City of Vancouver’s essential services, programs, and public priorities, presents a significant risk to vulnerable communities in an already unaffordable city. This danger could get even worse if there are pressures for Council to pass an austerity budget in 2021. Investing in public services, social services, arts and culture, and climate action are critical to the health and safety of all Vancouverites. 


The City of Vancouver’s recovery strategy should offer all residents the same opportunities to rebuild their lives and thrive in a safe, inclusive, just, and caring society.